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    Monitoring the management and the purchase orders progress, aimed at ensuring, through the action of dedicated expediting procedures, that the suppliers are complying with the requirements established in order namely delivery time, quality and quantity of supply. ENGINEX expediting service adds value to Client projects through the inspection of manufacturers and assessment of manufacturing production plans, procurement, management and coordination of international projects. Our comprehensive expediting services help Clients to avoid delays and ensure compliance with contractual conditions and applicable specifications as well as applicable international codes and standards. Our expediters actively monitors the deadlines and manufacturing schedule to reach project milestones and ensure that equipment, materials and components are completed and are released at the right time. Our expediters work closely with Client planners and controllers to review timelines and meet the scheduled delivery time, to promptly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks and threats to avoid any delay and liability penalties.


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    Inspections to ensure that the supply corresponds to the shipping specifications, in terms of quality, quantity, packaging, and marking as required by the end customer and/or by rules in the country of destination.


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    When delegated by the client ENGINEX organize external independent audit team to conduct the audit.    An increasing number of customers and organizations makes use of this type of services to monitor the production of the suppliers in term of quality as well as the adherence to contractual procedures and specifications.


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    ENGINEX qualification process of suppliers of Works, Goods and Services can ensure the levels of quality and performance required by the Customers. In particular, the qualification of suppliers is always required for strategic products and services and for Works, Goods and Services characterized by high expenditure values and/or significant in terms of safety and environmental implications.


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    Inspection, verification, material/components testing and performance tests, conducted with the aim of verifying the compliance of the product to contractual specifications.


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    Testing and Inspection Supervision, Assistance in obtaining the customer qualifications by staff in accordance with

    • UNI EN / ASME (welders, non-destructive testing, etc).
    • Check of the adequacy of reports and inspection documents (review).
    • Preparation implementation and review of specific welding and non-destructive testing reports.
    • Site Management and supply of inspectors and technicians for the supervision of construction activities at the supplier workshop (piping prefabrication, prefabricated steel structures, etc) and/or during the erection/construction phase in field.
    • Resident Inspectors responsible for monitoring work in accordance with the design specifications and project milestones at the supplier's workshops.
    • HSE (quality, health, safety, environment).


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    Site supervision applies to the construction, start-up and commissioning of industrial plants,oil & gas ,power stations. During  construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning a team of qualified and expert supervisors is required to manage worksite activities to  implement:

    • Correct monitoring of contractors and site work activities
    • Planning of project activity times and costs
    • Completion of activities according  to time schedule and according to the quality standards.t
    • Monitoring the safety of all workers involved.

    Our global operating network comprises site managers and  specialists of various nationalities qualified in various disciplines (civil, mechanical, piping,electrical, instrumentation,automation) to implement and carry out the service having high quality and flexibility. 

    Our Site Services are duly co-ordinated and managed by a dedicated Project Coordinator acting as single point  interface with the customer for any contractual aspects, monitoring  the  service in all its aspects granting as well  the expected quality standards.




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