Quality and Environment Policy

ENGINEX considers the quality of its services and the protection of the environment, key elements of its business strategy.
To this end, a Quality and Environmental Management System has been implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 and the ISO 14001: 2015 which will allow, through a systemic approach, to consistently pursue the continuous improvement.


ENGINEX pays the utmost attention to the prevention of any non-compliance, optimizing the management of the processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and ensuring a constant monitoring of the activities in any way connected with the quality of the service offered.

ENGINEX considers the pursuit of "customer satisfaction" to be a priority, over any other element, towards which continuous and constant attention is paid in order to guarantee the identification and compliance with the requirements and to satisfy the legislative provisions. applicable regulations. In harmony with this objective, the Top Management intends to bring the company to a continuous organizational and methodological growth. To this end it plans and implements the continuous activity of involvement, training and updating of personnel at all levels and in particular of those engaged in activities related to the processes that influence the quality of the service offered. Personnel are therefore requested to respect, for the activities of their competence, what is prescribed by the Quality Management System Manual and by the documentation connected to it (procedures, instructions and specifications) and to carry out the scheduled registrations.

Objectives for Quality and the Environment

  • General objectives for Quality:

The Quality Policy commitments are translated annually into a circumscribed and measurable plan of objectives and improvement programs, for the achievement of which the Top Management guarantees to provide all the necessary resources and support.
The plan of objectives and quality management programs is approved by senior management and brought to the attention of personnel through periodic meetings.
The Integrated Policy for Quality and the Environment defined by the Top Management, congruent with the other company policies, establishes the company objectives according to the following macro-objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Increase in turnover (costs / efficiency)
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the service delivery process;
  • Optimization of management costs
  • General objectives for the Environment:

It is the intention of the Management to disclose the principles of the policy within its own structure and outside to make known its commitment to the environment.
The Management also undertakes to distribute the policy to customers and / or interested parties, if requested.
Environmental policy is shared at all levels of the organization through sustainable development for all activities. The policy consists of general guidelines and short, medium and long term objectives.

In particular, the Management undertakes to:

  • Operate in compliance with the principles of environmental protection;
  • Preventing and / or reducing pollution resulting from its activities;
  • Observe every law, regulation and legislation applicable to its own processes and waste;
  • Define internal standards, where there are no laws, regulations and / or rules and are not adequate to one's own reality;
  • Adopt processes that offer the least possible environmental impact;
  • Reduce consumption of non-renewable resources (energy, etc.).

ENGINEX is increasingly interested in reaching and demonstrating proper behavior towards the environment, controlling the impact of its activity, adopting an environmental policy and setting environmental protection objectives. In light of the principles expressed in its policy, it develops specific improvement plans in which objectives, functions involved, methods and times of implementation are defined.
The Management will examine and take into consideration all communications regarding environmental impact that may be received from outside, considering these reports as an integral part of the information useful for the improvement of its Environmental Management System.
On a regular basis, dedicated audits are carried out in order to verify regular operation and identify any need for adaptation.

Objectives for Quality and the Environment programs for achieving them

The company sets quality objectives for the relevant functions and levels in the organization and for the necessary processes, taking into account significant environmental aspects, compliance obligations and considering their own risks and opportunities.
The objectives for quality and the environment:

  • They are consistent with the Policy
  • They are measurable (if practicable)
  • Take into account the applicable requirements
  • Relevant to product and service compliance and increased customer satisfaction
  • They are monitored
  • They are communicated to interested parties
  • They are up to date.
    The Company maintains documented information on the objectives for Quality and the Environment.
    In planning the ways to achieve the objectives, the following are clarified:
  • Actions to be implemented
  • The resources to be dedicated
  • Responsibilities for actions
  • The timing of achievements
  • The method for the evaluation of the result (including the indicators for monitoring progress towards the achievement of one's measurable environmental objectives).

The company, in accordance with the integrated policy, for the significant environmental aspects identified in the initial environmental analysis phase susceptible to improvement and taking into account the assessment of risks for Health and Safety in the Workplaces defines the objectives to be pursued by holding in consideration of legal requirements, development plans, short-term production programs, technological options, available budget, stakeholders' point of view, business needs, as well as the possibility of joining local, regional and national environmental programs .
The objectives and targets are updated based on the results achieved the previous year and in line with the environmental program. Where the criteria and methods for achieving the objectives and the environmental goals set are described, the times of the actions to be put in place the estimate of the necessary resources and organizational responsibilities.
The management program is updated whenever new products and / or new activities are involved. 

Planning of changes

If there is a need to make changes they will be conducted in a planned and systematic way.

In dealing with changes the company considers:

The purpose of the modifications and all the related potential effects

  • The availability of resources
  • Allocation and reallocation of responsibilities and authority

The company manages the changes in the form of improvement plans.

Top Management ensures:

  • Monitoring and verification of the objectives of the Quality and Environment Policy;
  • The review of this Policy (at least once a year);
  • Verification of the adequacy of the Management System and indications on any corrections and / or improvements to be made to the structure (at least once a year);
  • Verification of customer requirements (through questionnaires / interviews to verify customer satisfaction, self-assessment based on defined parameters).


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